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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Teaching Your Child the Power of Selflessness with Mightee Kids Tees

It's one thing to find cool kid's clothes that your little ones actually ask to wear.

It's another thing to know that your purchase is doing two fantastic things:

#1. Helping your child learn about charitable giving

#2. Giving help or assistance to a child in need somewhere in the world 

Mightee Kids is an incredible program that you can use to both, outfit your kiddo with cool new T-shirt each month, while also teaching them about helping other children less fortunate.

Mightee Kids Mission

In the words of Mightee Kids:

"Our packages are meant to provide an experience in which parents can sit down and teach their kids of how other kids need their help. We want to not only help them donate to others, but we want to guide them to continue to keep giving and loving for their unfortunate friends. We want to develop Mightee Kids that help others, one tee at a time."

How It Works

For just $25 a month, and FREE Shipping you'll receive a package containing a new T-shirt every month, with a brochure about a new charity that you can use to discuss with your child how to help others in need

Plus $5 from every purchase goes directly to the charity the shirt was designed for.

You may be thinking, "My kid isn't old enough to understand this yet," but if my 23 month old can get on board, then yours can too!

We had the exciting pleasure of our first Mightee Kids shipment this month!

Our 1st Mightee Kids package arrived with cool stamps that my toddler dug!

Opening the package. Please excuse her hair...she just woke up!

Without knowing anything else about the shirt or the company, she's already sold. Bright smiling characters and a "Say Cheese" logo, this shirt is SWEET!

After opening the package and finding her new shirt she's already zipping off her pajamas so she can try on her new duds.

 Ahem. Good.....try. I think that's on inside out and backwards, peanut!

Second time's a charm. Mind you, she asked to put this shirt on all by her "SELF." If you have been reading my blog you know this is her current phase......everything has to be done by her......SELF!

She was honestly intrigued by the card that came with the shirt, explaining about how the purchase of her Mightee Kids shirt would donate $5 to a charity called Smile Train - helping children born with cleft palate have the same opportunities as those born without. 

This was a great chance to begin to explain to her how important it is to help other people who have needs greater than our own. Beginning to plant seeds of being a compassionate citizen of the world.

For some reason, this shirt just tickled her pink! When she finally figured out how to put it on all by her SELF, she began to dance around the house, pointing at the smiling faces and saying "CHEESE."

"I'm a Mightee Kid"

Pure Joy.

If you want to help your child experience the gift of compassion and helping other children, seriously consider purchasing a subscription to Mightee Kids!

In the meantime, if you "Like" their Facebook page and share the photo, you'll have a chance to win 1 of 5 Mightee Kids Tshirts between now and January 18th, 2013.

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