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Friday, January 18, 2013

PBS KIDS makes for better prepared Kindergarteners?

I love PBS!

I didn't watch much TV growing up, but when I did we were only allowed to watch educational shows, like Reading Rainbow, Square One and other PBS shows.  

A new study from WestED and PBS KIDS, recently showed that preschoolers in low-income families given access to PBS KIDS online games and content were better prepared for kindergarten, in the subjects of math and learning skills. 

Read the full study report here.

PBS KIDS Lab, has lots of fun online games you can play with your preschooler, as well as instructions for at-home activities and printouts. 

Both my husband and I have had fun playing Daniel Tiger games with my toddler online, as well as following up with printable coloring pages that reinforce the themes she's learned that day.

So, if you're at home thinking "what do I do with my kid today"...check out PBS KIDS lab and help your kid buff up on their early learning skills while having fun playing games and laughing the afternoon away!

Our Favorite PBS Shows/Games
  • #1. Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
  • #2. Sid the Science Kid
  • #3. Super Why

NOTE: Just don't let them watch Caillou......that's another story for another time. I swear my tot's bad behavior lately totally stems from letting her watch that show! Not joking.


  1. My boy is 13 months, and he loves Syd the Science Kid!! He also likes Dinosaur Train and of course Cat in the Hat!

    1. Sid is great! I think it's so funny that the Cat's voice is Martin Short!


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