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Friday, January 25, 2013

Local DFW Momma, Author, Writer & Director - Jennifer Brown Thomas

I love spreading the word about local mommas that are making big things happen in their lives.

Jennifer Brown Thomas, is a local DFW momma, author, and can now put a few more notches in her belt, as writer and director.

Her first book, Blissful Lies, published just last year, is an exciting romantic thriller quoted as "gripping and soul stirring; a book that's impossible to put down!" - author Carolyn Salmon Kazmierczak 

As if a top-selling book wasn't enough, taking on the role of writer and director, Jennifer presented her independent film, Blissful Lies at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival last year. Starring Emmy award winning actress, Leann Hunley, the film received a great reception and is set to be released to the public Spring 2013.

Taking on more than most mommas could handle, Jennifer is developing a lifestyle brand, with a children's clothing line, fragrance, and more with her new  company Limberis Brown Thomas (LBT).

Intrigued by how a local DFW momma could accomplish so much at the young age of 26, I decided to interview her and pick her brain a little.

Here is my interview with Jennifer:
#1. When did you start to feel the writing urge?

-- I was in the fifth grade and a show called Dawson’s Creek really caught my attention. I loved the characters. Loved the way the director operated his scenes and so I sat down and wrote my very first screenplay. It was over 500 pages and handwritten. Bound in a turquoise binder. I had it for nearly 10 years before it disappeared… This is my passion—something I’ve always wanted to do.

#2. Where do you find the time to write with a child at your heels?

-- Having a two year old does tend to make things a little more challenging. But I love it. She’s my world. Usually I do most of my work between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. It’s not ideal when she’s going to be up and ready to roll by 8 or 9, but it’s part of it. I’m thankful to have a career that allows me to be home with her during the day and work at night.

#3. How do you occupy your daughter when the writing bug bites?

-- I have a super supportive and relatively large family who all lives in the same area that I do. So, if I need time to work during the day my mother-in-law will take her for a few hours, or my mother will. My cousin has a little girl a year older and the absolutely adore each other, so she’ll go there and play for a while. I’m lucky to have so much help and so many people who believe in me.

#4. Where do you take your daughter locally to let loose?

-- My daughter is my mini-me. She loves to shop and go to lunch. We go to parks, to jump houses, to lots of play areas around the city. She LOVES Starbucks cake pops. So we go there too.

#5. Have you always imagined yourself as a writer?

-- Definitely. It’s my creative outlet. It’s how I deal with loss, grief, good times and terrible ones.

#6. Do you have a favorite quote or saying about being a woman or a mother?

--My favorite quote in the world is by Reba McEntire, “Being a strong woman is very important to me. But doing it all on my own is not.” I have to remember that I don’t have to do it on my own… I have lots of help.

#7. What is your favorite morning ritual?

-- When Kinsley wakes up, she comes to my bedroom and climbs in bed with me. We watch Little Bear and cuddle for a while before we get up to start our day. I love that.

#8. What is your ideal breakfast?

-- I love Chik-Fil-A. I love their breakfast. I could eat it every morning! The chicken biscuits and chicken burritos. Also, my grandma makes homemade waffles that are INCREDIBLE! I’m not a huge breakfast fan, but any three of those options always make my tummy very full.

#9. What's your favorite "Texas" memory/experience?

--Hmmm. That’s a great question. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life, so I have lots of memories. I think my favorite recent memory was when Leann Hunley was here filming Blissful Lies and I had the chance to show her around. It was different than anything she’d seen before, so it was wonderful to see everything I was familiar with through the eyes of someone new. We had a great time.

#10. Who inspires you?

-- My little girl. Her innocence and excitement for even the slightest things, just amazes me! She’s incredible and I’m doing everything I’m doing so that she’ll have a limitless future like I did. She’ll change this world, I know it.

Find out more about Jennifer Brown Thomas and Blissfull Lies


  1. Thank you so much for the fantastic post, Shiloh! Looking forward to chatting with you again! Xoxo!

  2. @Jennifer - Good luck with all! You deserve the best!


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