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Friday, March 22, 2013

Today is World Water Day! #WorldWaterDay2013


We take it for granted every day.

If you remember, I wrote about WaterAid earlier this year, and encouraged you to support their cause, in providing the world's poorest communities with clean sanitation and water supplies. 

Today, March 22 is World Water Day - instituted by the United Nations in 1993, to bring about awareness to the fact that 2,000 children are dying each day due to lack of safe water or sanitation. 

If you'd like to read more about the very real number of people suffering today from no access to clean water or sanitation, check out the statistics here:

WaterAid is currently the leading charitable organization making strides towards solving the safe water and sanitation crisis across the globe. They've found some of the world's poorest communities, that had to travel unheard of distances, just to get their daily water supply, and taught them how to dig and drill wells for clean water.

Bringing clean water, closer to the communities in need help open up the residents time and energy (instead of spending the entire day transporting water) to be spent on important things like being able to find employment or participate in education - all activites that benefit the health of their society.

When's the last time you tried carrying a child, and your daily supply of water to your home (no, from the trunk of your car into your kitchen does not count). 

It's time to help.

Wondering how YOU you can help the thirsty?

  1. Join the discussion for #WorldWaterDay2013 at a Google + hangout at 12:30pm central time!
  2. Instead of buying a birthday present for your friend, give the gift of water for life in their honor - only $25.00
  3. Buy a handpump to help bring water to a family in need
  4. FOLLOW @WaterAidAmerica tomorrow and re-tweet their posts to spread the word across the web


How will McKinney Mommas participate in World Water Day tomorrow?
  • Instead of sending Nana flowers for her birthday, on the 24th, I'm thinking about donating a year's worth of water in her name (comes with a cool e-card you can mail to let them know you've donated in their honor) -

For more information on World Water Day 2013, visit:

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post. This post is part of my commitment in being a Mom Blogger for Social Good and member of the Global Team of 200. 


  1. Fabulous post McKinney! Thanks for helping bring the issue of water and women front and center. The challenges of finding and carrying water really is a women's and children's issue. WaterAid is grateful the power of you voice in support of the 783 million people without clean water.

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  3. SO important - thanks for sharing! I'm tweeting this out later - happy World Water Day!

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  5. What a great gift for your Nana!! Thanks for sharing!!

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  8. This is a very important cause.. I work for an employer who partipates in a lot of CleanWater initiatives, helping not only bring clean water to N.A. but also to emerging markets.. thank you for your piece!

  9. What a great way to celebrate Nana's birthday! I purchased two faucets on my mom's birthday. It feels good to know your money is helping communities across the globe.

  10. @anotherjennifer - wow two faucets? What a great gift. Yeah, I hope nana will be happy w/ her gift this year in lieu of flowers


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