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Friday, July 5, 2013

A Positive Relationship With Eating - Healthy Habits Manual

Since I'm always up for finding new ways to meet my family's health and nutritional needs, I was excited when I was asked to check out the Healthy Habits Manual, written by Laura Cipullo, a registered dietitian, eating disorder specialist and author of the blog, "Mom Dishes It Out."

The first installment in the The Mommy Manual Series,  Cipullo shows parents how to introduce their children to a positive & healthy relationship with food. With eating disorders and childhood obesity on the rise, this topic is more important than ever for parents to address.

The Healthy Habits Manual, is not just another book on healthy eating, rather it is an instructional and interactive guide, complete with activity suggestions, recipes and handouts which are is great for parents to use with their children - and even teachers to use in their classroom!

Just the other day, my two year old skinned her knee and she got up and said, "Have ice cream? Might make me feel better!" - this is probably the exact sort of relationship with food that we do not want to encourage, right?

Eating for "comfort" is one of the beginning steps towards obesity and dangerous eating disorders - and something I of course, want to guard my children from. 

In this 8-week continuous series, Cipullo will walk you through how to incorporate both healthy eating habits as well as creating an exercise lifestyle with your children.  

Healthy eating and exercise habits are something you and your children can continue to use for the rest of your lives! 

I appreciate how Cipullo's Healthy Habits Manual turns discussion about "good" and "bad" foods instead into "everyday" and "sometimes" foods. 

Everyone knows that withholding a certain type of food completely (ie. junk food) often turns into gorging or overindulging when presented with that "bad food." Thinking of foods as "everyday or "sometimes" foods takes away the taboo of it all and makes for a healthier mindset towards food in general. 

The manual includes a comprehensive list of foods from A-Z that are divided into an "everyday" or "sometimes" food list - making it easy to help you and your children see which foods will leave them feeling full and full of energy, and which might not pack as much nutritional value.

"My dream is that every child will have a healthy, positive relationship with food. This begins with the parents. Parents need to know there are no 'good' foods or 'bad' foods -- these word associations can have a long-lasting effect on certain children. There are only 'sometimes' foods and 'everyday' foods. It's little tricks like this that can go a long way when dealing with impressionable young children."

- Laura Cipullo


Author, Laura Cipullo, a mother of two children herself, really spells it out for educators and parents alike who are concerned about the eating habits of their  students and children, and are ready to take action, in the Healthy Habits Manual, available for purchase on for just $67.

Wishing you healthy habits and a lifetime of wellness for both you and your children!  

Tell me, do you think your children could benefit from some new healthy eating habits?

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