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Friday, July 19, 2013

Kroger's Private Selection Angus Beef

I recently had the chance to sample some of Kroger's Private Selection products, including their Private Selection Angus Beef, thanks to BzzAgent.

During my last Kroger shopping trip, I grabbed some beef tenderloin, and decided to check out the #PrivateSelection Citrus & Savory Rub, since I didn't want to think about marinating or figuring out what type of flavors to use on my steak.

A rub is super simple way to flavor your meat and usually turns out really good.

No instructions needed, just pinch and sprinkle. This stuff smells really nice, I can almost taste the orange groves!

Hubby threw the steaks on the grill with some onion kabobs (it was the end of the week and that's all we had). 

Who knew that straight onion kabobs with salt and pepper would be such a perfect topping for the beef tenderloins? This will have to become a habit from now on. 

In the end, I'd leave the Private Selection Citrus & Savory rub at the store. The flavor was too overpowering and the nice meaty flavor of the beautiful tenderloins were lost in the citrus notes of the rub.

I'd totally purchase the Private Section Angus Beef again though.  Great quality of meat, one that I'd be happy to serve guests and family alike. 

Thanks Kroger & BzzAgent for giving me the opportunity to give your Private Selection products a test run at my house!

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