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Monday, April 2, 2012

It's Muenster Monday at McKinney Mommas!

........welcome to Muenster Monday here at McKinney Mommas!

Domestic Muenster. Photo courtesy

Muenster cheese is one that I have fond childhood memories of.  The little orange rind around the white, creamy middle and it's mild flavor went great in sandwiches. (Yes, it even melts great for grilled cheese sandwiches!)  Or did I love it because it almost looks like it should be called "MONSTER" cheese? For some reason, I had a lot of friends who had never heard of it. Growing up in California, did we get a better selection of cheese than some of my friends from other parts of the US? Any thoughts?

If you haven't already tried this tasty cheese, take it for a spin next time you're in the market!

....and while you're at it, try this tasty recipe that calls for Muenster cheese:

 by Blackbelly Catering - Chef Hosea Rosenberg
Photo courtesy of

Stay tuned for more CHEESY goodness all month long, as McKinney Mommas celebrates "National Grilled Cheese Month"

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