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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

McKinney Mommas voted TOP 50 at Top Mommy Blogs

Whoot Whoot!

We finally achieved a rank, thanks to all of our lovely readers out there. 

How excited do you think I was today when I literally stumbled onto Top Mommy Blogs and saw our website featured in their "Featured Top 50" mom blogs, today.

I even took a screen shot, just to remind myself of what hard work (and lots of fun too) can do. 

See our little logo in the middle there? :-)

Thanks again to all of our readers for getting McKinney Mommas on the map.  We love writing for you and hosting reviews and giveaways that are (hopefully) relevant for young moms, old moms, wanna-be moms, new moms and all those in between!

As always, we appreciate the votes (you can vote daily to keep us in the top 50)

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