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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Idea - Vintage Jewelry

It's time to start looking for Mother's Day gifts, as Mother's Day is right around the corner (May 13, 2012). I will be posting some ideas for gifts as the day gets closer. From the practical items, such as spatulas, aprons, and dishes to the more fashionable, purses, shoes, and accessories.

I know it's slightly cliché, but a lot of women I know love jewelery. Actually, my mother was not a huge jewelry fan when I was growing up, but now that her children are grown, and she has more time (a little?) to focus on herself she's started accessorizing more.  Finding the perfect article of jewelry for my mom takes a lot of time.  It's important to me that I pick something out that she'll know was just for her, and not a quick on the fly purchase.

Personally, I love unique and vintage jewelry. I'd rather find a special little ring all tarnished and dinged up, that I can coax back to it's original beauty – instead of something new from a jewelry store in the mall.  As a mother now myself, I like jewelry that has a story.  Something that you can tell has been cherished in a family for years. and passed on from generation to generation.

Over the years, I've picked up vintage pieces of jewelry myself at on ebay, thrift stores, estate sales and even garage sales. I haven't yet, had the pleasure of being able to afford beautiful Edwardian jewelry [Circa 1890 – 1915] but would love to own one of these treasures to pass down to my daughters someday.

It's easier and easier to find vintage jewelry online these days, so you no longer have to paw through all the junk you might come across at a thrift store or estate sale in person.  It's great since many of these companies online will do the work for you, finding precious pieces of vintage jewelry, clean them up and list them for sale online. This way, you can shop by metal, price, style, stone, etc. to find the perfect piece of vintage jewelry.

So, if you're not sure what to get for your mother yet on this Mother's Day, do a little searching online for vintage or antique jewelry and see what treasures you can uncover for your mother this holiday.

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