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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shari's's not just berries anymore!

I love sending gifts.

I love receiving gifts.

With this review, I got a little of both!

I was recently given a gift certificate to shop at Shari's Berries and share my experience with my McKinney Mommas readers.

Just a week ago, my husband accomplished one of his goals at work, so I figured it would be fun to send him a little gift to say "Congratulations." 

I thought that Shari's Berries would only have desserts. I was wrong!  They have everything from fruit and nuts, welcome baby baskets, to tea and coffee selections!

One of my husband's favorite treats is cheese. So I figured I'd use their search engine to see if they had anything along those lines to send him. 

Hello Cheese!
From the Farm Gift Set

Artisan Cheese and Fruit Gift Hamper

Honestly, there were almost TOO many options to choose from.  Maybe I should just get him some gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries?

Two Full Dozen Gourmet Dipped Swizzled Strawberries

Those look delicious, but I think I'll stick to something I am sure he'll like.....CHEESE!

I think I'll go for something simple, we already have crackers...and condiments so let's go for an ALL cheese basket:

Artisan Cheese Gift Basket

I went for the Artisan Cheese Gift Basket, featuring these (4) lovely Californian cheeses:

  • 7 oz. Vella Romanello Cheese
  • 8 oz. Fiscalini Farmstead Cheddar Cheese
  • 7 oz. Bellwether Farms Carmody Cheese
  • 6 oz. Bella Capra Goat Cheese

When my husband received his gift, he was really surprised and excited to see what was inside this woven wicker (reusable) basket.  

When ordering this gift basket, I had the option of various themed cards and a generous section for writing a gift message.  The gift arrived on the promised date (just 3 days after I ordered it!)

Take a peek above!  The cheeses arrived with an ice pack on the bottom of the basket so no cheese had to sweat it out in this Texas heat! My husband was excited to try all of the California cheeses, and were pleased with them all.

I thought the selection was delicious, the Bella Capra Goat Cheese by Sierra Nevada Cheese Company was my favorite! All the cheeses were fairly mild, but not bland by any means. 

They were all tasty, but no "stinky cheeses" or selections for what I'd consider a "cheese snob" - so if you or your gift recipient loves a variety of yummy cheese...get this basket!  If you are a cheese connoisseur who thinks "the stinkier the better".....this basket probably isn't the top pick for you!

Our lovely selection of cheeses from Shari's Berries

Mission Accomplished! 

My husband, was really surprised and excited to have a gift basket of tasty cheeses waiting for him when he returned home from a hard day at work.  Plus, the option to leave a nice gift message was really special (he even said so).

So, if you need to send a last minute birthday gift, or just a little something to tell someone you're thinking about them....check out Shari's Berries

I did.....and had a great experience!


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  1. Gourmet Cheese. Yummy! Will have to check them out. Thanks for sharing!


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