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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Great Hostess Gift - Twin Pomegranates Sparkling Pomegranate Wine!

Holy mouth full of pomegranate seeds, Batman! 

I grew up with a pomegranate tree in my front yard.  We'd typically get only 3-4 pomegranates a year, it was a very special occasion and thus the pomegranate holds a very special place in my heart

Twin Pomegranates carries 100% pomegranate wine that is made from California's finest pomegranates picked and juiced at their optimum ripeness!

I had never tried pomegranate wine until this week. I can honestly say, it's like no other wine experience I've had before.
"Sweetie" Semi-Sweet Pomegranate Wine, is an exciting change from your typical grape wine.  Made with 100% fermented pomegranate juice, this wine tastes like....well.....POMEGRANATE arils (seeds) with a hint of cranberry

It's not as sugary sweet as I assumed it would be, which is good because I'm not too hip on super sweet wines. A nice balance of earthy and acidic flavor, with a slightly sweet finish makes for a great chilled treat. 

Now, on Thanksgiving morning I popped open a bottle of this Twin Pomegranates - Pomegranate Sparkling Wine and poured a splash of orange juice and had myself a tasty Pomegranate Mimosa

Woah, I have to warn you - the color isn't pretty (red and orange make brown) but my hubby and I loved this non-traditional twist on a classic brunch cocktail! 

Why do I feel healthy, when drinking this pomegranate wine?  This sparkling version still tastes much like biting into a pomegranate - seeds, juice and all!

I think any of the Twin Pomegrantes Wine varieties would be a perfect hostess gift! Plus, it'll be a great conversation starter at your next holiday party, as most people haven't tried a pomegranate wine! 

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