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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Making My Bare Walls Beautiful with Urban Walls [Review]

I've been in this house for a little over a year now, and I'm ashamed to say my master bedroom is still only half finished.

I've unpacked the boxes (most of them) and hung a few mirrors and pictures (on one wall).

My walls need help.

Urban Walls is a company that specializes in wall decals.

I've never used wall decals in my home before, but have seen them online before and in stores and figured they were a great way to add design and style to your home without having to paint or commit to a completely permanent design.

There are a variety of designs available, from text or words...........................

to nature scenes..................................................

 and nursery rooms.......................................................

It was hard for me to decide on a design, as there were so many that I thought would look great in our bedroom. 

At first I wanted a tree design, then I thought some birds in flight would be serene and calming.

I ended up choosing a monogrammed design, since it's in our master bedroom and I felt like something personalized. 

Check out my BEFORE and AFTER below:


My peanut wants to be wherever the action is

What a boring wall, huh?  I hadn't hung anything previously, because I'm always afraid of something falling on our head while we're sleeping. Is that strange?

Well, a wall decal can't fall on my head...or if it did, at least it wouldn't hurt!


Now, with a simple wall decal from Urban Walls, my bedroom feels lived in. It feels like it's mine, and I like that feeling!

I have to be honest, the application process wasn't quite as easy as I had assumed.  It was completely do-able but you do have to use a level and tape to make sure you have it up straight.

I also had a little trouble with the decal sticking to the paper and having to wrestle with it a bit to get it to peel off without tearing. I ended up enlisting my husband to help with the process because I couldn't get it done myself.

That being said, I love the end result.  So, if you're in need of some love on your walls, check out Urban Walls!

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*Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. The products used to facilitate this review were given to me free of cost by the company for evaluation.  However, all opinions are 100% my own and I am not under any obligation to write a positive review.

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